La baia di Pareti


The position of Pareti Bay on the south-west of the island, means that in this part, the climate is particularly mild in the low season. The sheltered position, the convenience and the shallow sea makes Pareti a beach that is ideal for families with children. The sunny inlet, surrounded by a steep cliff dropping down into the sea, has mixed sand and small gravel.

The beach itself is free but it is possible to hire a sun umbrella and sun beds there.

On the sides of the main beach, there are two smaller beaches that can be reached either across the rocks or by swimming.

It is a perfect place for those who like to practice underwater activities; it is very close to one of the most interesting areas of the island of Elba and is the headquarters of the Diving Centre of International fame, The Corsaro, where the instructors accompany enthusiasts with well-equipped boats to go diving and to go on trips all round the coasts of the island of Elba.


Refilling diving cylinders and hiring of equipment;
Buoys to mark off the swimming area;
Sailing and windsurf schools 800 metres away;
Tennis courts within walking distance;
Bar and self-service restaurant directly on the beach;
Capoliveri is about 3 Km from here. There is a shuttle bus service for the area of Capoliveri that serves the beaches (from 15/06 to 15/09) The bus goes about every hour – until 1 am. The bus stop for our village is about 50 metres from our flats..